2820 Baker Road, Suite #100

Dexter, MI 48130


We closed the doors on the pharmacy for the last time last night. The Dexter Pharmacy family is hurting and would appreciate your compassion and understanding. I fully understand that this will hurt some in the community as well (we have many loyal, caring customers who seem to really enjoy the store) and that everyone is greatly inconvenienced by the store closing and I am sorry.  I did the best I could to make the best decisions in a really crappy situation.


This solution ensured that your pharmacy records have a place to land (so that you don’t have to call or worse, go back to, your doctor or doctors to get all new prescriptions) and it ensured that employees have a shot at a smooth transition to a new job with their tenure with us in place. It’s not ideal, and there is nothing enjoyable about it, but it is the best I could do.


Our plan is to take the next week to regroup and prep the front of the store for liquidation. We expect to open on Tuesday, September 3 – but haven’t set the time yet.


Please be kind to each other and to the people who used to work here, they are members of this community and deserve your compassion. This is a family that is hurting – if you could have attended the employee meeting and listened to the stories and seen the faces, you would see just how difficult this is for the 40+ of us directly affected by the store closing.


We appreciate your understanding and compassion and I am, personally, sorry for the loss, the jarring surprise, and the inconvenience to the community.


Marni Schmid





This is the bulk of the letter you will receive from Walgreens:


After much thought and consideration, and with heavy hearts, we have decided to close Dexter Pharmacy. We appreciate the opportunity we have had to serve this community and be an intergral part of your health care for 40 years. We understand how difficult this change will be for you and we did our best to ensure that your pharmacy records are in good hands.


We thank you for all of the support you have shown us over the years and we cherish the connections we made with each of you. To ensure your continued care, we’ve chosen to entrust your pharmacy records to Walgreens. Walgreens has been serving pharmacy patients for over 110 years, and we feel they can provide you with excellent service for years to come.


We chose Walgreens over other pharmacies because of their dedication to patient care and continued personal attention to your health conditions, potential drug interactions, and medication allergies. We also think you’ll benefit from the many convenient services Walgreens offers.





Walgreens - Store #11197


Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Cross streets: Southeast corner OF MAPLE & JACKSON






How the process should work:

  • If you call the store, your call should be forwarded to Walgreens on Jackson Road (734-794-0162 if you want to call directly)
  • If you come to the store, you will find covered windows and, after 9:30, hopefully a staff person from Walgreens outside to provide information and you should see signs with instructions.