We carry some breast pumps in-store and we can order accessories, extra parts and storage and feeding products


Many systems are covered by insurance - with your insurance information and a prescription from your doctor, we can help determine your coverage eligibility.  We will also work with your physician to get the proper documentation needed to get you started with a breast pump system.


Call 734-426-1600 to schedule your private consultation.


If you would like to research coverage options related to the Affordable Care Act before you come in, visit www.breastfeedinginsurance.com.  This is a site hosted by Medela, a company we trust for breast pumps and supplies.


That site should be able to answer questions like:

  • Does the ACA breastpump benefit apply to me?
  • What type of ACA breastpump will my insurance company cover?
  • What coverage and claim questions should I ask my insurance company?
  • Are there different types of breastpumps?
  • Which pump is right for me?
  • What if I have a medical necessity?


Another great resource is Breastfeeding UniversityTM, hosted by Medela.  Medela's Breastfeeding University is a collection of online courses and videos designed to help prepare expectant and existing mothers, fathers and even grandparents for the experience of breastfeeding.

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