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We try to keep a full schedule of in-store events, consultations and specials and we will notify you of these events in the store, on our Facebook page and on our online calendar shown here.


We hope you take advantage of these events - medication reviews, blood pressure events and more are free and you don't need an appointment during our clinic times.  If these times don't work for your schedule, please call 734-426-1600 to schedule a time that works for you.


Brown bag sessions/medication reviews

Twice monthly we hold time free to meet with you on a walk-in basis to review all of the medications you're taking - prescription, OTC, herbs and vitamins.  You can make an appointment for a time that works better for you but, if you see brown bag sessions on our calendar, that means you can walk in and we will meet with you privately at that time.


It is helpful if you bring a list of all of the medications you are taking, including the dosage and the way you take them.  You can also bring the bottles with you - either way, the pharmacist can work with you to reduce conflicts and, possibly to save you money.


Blood pressure testing with pharmacist consult

Whether you are monitoring your blood pressure at home on your own machine, using our in-store machine or a combination, we have walk-in clinics on our calendar so that you can meet with a pharmacist to discuss your blood pressure.  If the walk-in clinic times don't work for you, we can schedule a time that does work for you.

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