Ask how Dexter Pharmacy can supply your medical equipment needs

Ask how Dexter Pharmacy can supply your healthcare supply needs


When your health care goes beyond a prescription, Dexter Pharmacy is here to provide durable medical equipment and supplies that keep you safe and enhance your quality of life.

We stock name-brand incontinence products and CPAP machine accessories, for example, as well as unique items for bathroom safety and common mobility aids like crutches, canes and walkers.

We also can order items to accommodate your specific health care needs.

Call 734-426-1600 for more information on home medical equipment and supplies to support your health.


Below is a partial list of items we have available to care for you.

  • pill boxes
  • bathroom safety
    • toilet chairs, raised toilet seats and safety frames
    • grab bars and grab rails
    • shower seats
    • transfer benches
    • Sitz baths
  • Contour® CPAP supplies for use with a sleep apnea device
    • CPAP pillows
    • CPAP pillow covers
    • CPAP pillow masks
    • CPAP mask cleaners and wipes
    • CPAP hose covers
  • Incontinence products by Tranquility® (we can ship a case pack to your home at no charge to you) and other brands
  • Mobility aids for rent:
    • crutches
    • knee-walkers
    • walkers
    • wheelchairs
  • Mobility aids for purchase:
    • canes
    • crutches
    • knee-walkers and scooters
    • rollators
    • walkers
    • wheelchairs
  • Perineal/Skin Cleansers and Shampoos
    • Aloe Vesta Cleansing Foam (used as a body wash, perineal cleanser and shampoo)
    • Calmoseptine Ointment (typically used for adults who are bedridden and mom's are using it for diaper rash)
    • Sensi Care Protective Barrier (for adults with incontinence)


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