Medicare Part D Consultations


Are you turning 65 in 2017?  Call 734-426-1600 when you're close to turning 65 to schedule your private Medicare Part D consultation - we can review your plan options with you so that you can make sure you get the best value for your money.


You may also become eligible to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan during the year because of a disability.


If you are not a current customer, you will need to bring a list of the medications you take including the strength and dose (if you get some of your prescriptions filled somewhere else, we’ll need a list of those medications as well.)


What is Medicare Part D?

Medicare Part D is the Medicare prescription drug benefit - it is a voluntary program intended to provide beneficiaries access to prescription drug coverage and subsidized prescription drug costs.  The program is administered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and private insurance carriers implement the Medicare Part D plans under the direction of CMS.


Because multiple carriers administer the plans, it is important for you to compare your plan options to make sure you're getting the best value.


Why is Medicare Part D important?

Medicare Part D gives older Americans access to prescription drugs at an affordable cost which should keep them healthier and, in turn, reduces costs to the Medicare system.


What will happen if I don't enroll when I am eligible?

If you don't enroll in Medicare Part D when you become eligible you may be subject to a life-time premium penalty when you decide to later enroll in a Medicare Part D plan.  You, the beneficiary, will be assessed the penalty if you do not have some other source of creditable coverage at least as comprehensive as the Part D benefit, such as retiree coverage through a previous employer.


Important dates

October 15 - December 7: Annual Coordinated Election Period (aka open enrollment)

  • This is your chance to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan for the next plan year (plans take effect January 1)
  • If you are already enrolled in a Medicare Part D plan, this is your time to review your current plan and compare it to other available plans - this review may save you money.  If you do nothing, your plan will remain the same and you will not be able to make changes until open enrollment in 2017 for the 2018 plan year.


January 1 – Your new Medicare Part D plan becomes effective and you will be able to begin using your Part D benefits (your old plan will automatically be discontinued.)


January 1 to February 14 – Members of Medicare Advantage Plans may cancel their enrollment in their Medicare Advantage Plan returning to Original Medicare and select a stand-alone Medicare Part D plan.


January 1 to December 31 – Persons turning 65 during the plan year can enroll in a Medicare Part D Plan outside of open enrollment. Medicare beneficiaries also enrolled in Medicaid can enroll or change their enrollment in a 2017 Medicare Part D Plan and individuals who become eligible because of a disability may enroll over the course of the year.


About your Medicare Part D plan review

When you come in for your plan review you will meet with a pharmacist who will enter all of your prescription medications and other pertinent information into the website and you will go over your plan options.  The pharmacist will not be able to recommend a specific plan but can review the plans that come up in your report.


It is important to know that the results of your plan review are a snapshot of plans as they stand during open enrollment - plans change during the year which may mean your plan drug formulary and your copays may change, multiple times during the year.  Also, the information on is dependent on plans sending their current information to CMS so plan information may not be current.


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