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Good health care can’t be provided solely over the counter. That’s why Dexter Pharmacy has a Patient Assistance Center where we go over and above to serve you.


This private room in our store at 2820 Baker Road is where you can discreetly meet your unique health care needs.


The center is a comfortable and convenient fitting room for specialty medical devices like Dr. Comfort compression socks and custom-fit shoes, or Amoena and Trulife post-mastectomy bras and forms.


It’s also where you can meet privately with a pharmacist to ask questions about your medication and how to pay for it. Some drug manufacturers offer payment assistance programs and we know how those work, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.


For Medicare-eligible customers, our Patient Assistance Center is where we can help you understand your Medicare Part D plan options. A pharmacist will sit down with you and explain how the coverage works so that you can evaluate your plan options and be confident that you’re choosing the option that’s right for you.


Call us today at 734-426-1600 to schedule a private Medicare Part D plan review. And feel free to ask us about flu shots and other immunizations provided in our Patient Assistance Center.

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