Discover Amoena and Trulife post-mastectomy products


We can order the full line of Amoena and Trulife post-mastectomy products and we can bill your insurance for you (you may have a co-pay or a deductible to meet.)


Call 734-426-1600 to schedule your private fitting today!


Amoena releases new styles!

Call Dawn to book your fitting and check out the new styles.


Breast cancer awareness

We have a training form that we can bring to your school or organization to teach breast self-exam - call 734-426-1600 and ask for Dawn to learn more or schedule a clinic.


Lara is one of Amoena's core bras and is available in black, nude and off-white.


It is a great bra if you have a breast that is in between sizing because of the light padding.


The Valetta is a soft tank top with a pocket for a prosthetic.


No need to wear a bra under this; it is built in.


The Valetta is not covered by insurance but it can still be ordered to fit.

Sizing Chart

If you are having trouble getting the right band size (it's too tight or too loose, there is a gap at the top of the breast or under the arm, or the straps are digging in) then this sizing chart is a good place to start to find the right fit.


We recommend scheduling an appointment with a certified fitter so you can get the best possible fit out of any bra. Best of all...fittings are free.

A proper fit is important

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